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Improve Yourself and Become an Effective Person

This is a summary of the book 7 habits of highly effective people written by Stephen Covey. This book shows the 7 most important habits that everyone should cultivate to become an effective person. Let’s dive in So before talking about the first habit, I wish to bring to your attention a new state of mind. So before I read this book, I hardly ever had this super-awesome outlook on life. And in fact, it improved my thinking for good. How to react to things in life and influence others So when you’re in any position in life, you may choose to get reactive or proactive. But the fundamental idea is that by deciding to be proactive, you decide to increase your circle of influence. The simple truth is, there are things that you can control, and there are things you cannot directly control; such as the weather, where you were born. Things that you can control consist of how you react to it. This is the only thing you can control in life. If you react without thinking or you say a harsh word to your buddy, or you drink all night and live in self-indulgent after a long day, where you just become depressed when the weather is ominous, you are becoming a reactive person. You let the natural environment control you and you’re simply a person...

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How To Overcome Any Addiction

So how exactly does one overcome addiction? The most common mistake that we tend to make when trying to quit whenever it is that we’re addicted to is that we try to quit cold turkey. We say alright I swear from this moment on I will no longer smoke; I will no longer look at pornography, I will never look for another quick fix. Whatever it is, the vast majority of people often find themselves relapsing, giving in and starting back at square one. Why does it seem so impossible? Well, the answer lies in an experiment they conducted in the seventies. So during the 70’s scientists put rats in cages with two sources of water, regular water and water spiked with cocaine. They observe that these rats would eventually get hooked on the cocaine water to the point where they keep drinking it until the overdosed and died. A couple of years later, another group of scientists conducted a study where instead of putting rats into cages by themselves, they put them into an entirely different environment. They call it the rat park. Rat Park had tons of space. There were tons of things that rats love; grass, toys and most importantly of all there were other rats. And at rat park, they had the same water setup, regular water and water spiked with cocaine. To their surprise,...

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